Lonestar ElixirConf

Feb 28 - March 2, 2019

Austin, TX

Bruce Tate
Elixir and OTP Sandbox
Beginner, Intermediate

Course Description

We learn best by trying and playing. This course will let you do just that by giving you a small sandbox that expands throughout the day until you have a robust suite of tools to choose from.

In this fully lab-driven experience, you'll learn the Elixir basics. We'll build Mix projects to create a basic game, and then wrap those games for consumption from both modules and OTP processes. We will:

  • Take a rapid tour through basic Elixir code constructs and data types
  • Learn how to navigate the Elixir ecosystem to find documentation you need
  • Write a basic project to make a game with an API layer
  • Consume that game in a command line application
  • vConsume that game in an OTP application

This course is lab-based! You'll encounter 45 minutes of lab work for every 10 minutes of lecture. Come to write some code! Come to learn quickly!


Bruce is a mountain biker, climber, and father of two from Chattanooga. He is the author of more than ten books, including Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, Programming Phoenix, and Adopting Elixir. As the founder of groxio.com, he offers leading edge Elixir training for Elixir, OTP, Phoenix and Scenic. He is also the editor of the Elixir line of books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf.