Lonestar ElixirConf

Feb 28 - March 2, 2019

Austin, TX

Clark Kampfe
Building the Factory of the Future with Elixir, Phoenix, and Nerves
Beginner, Intermediate

Talk Description

Fast Radius' new flag ship factory in Chicago was recently named one of the 9 best in the world by the World Economic Forum. One of the main drivers of this award was its advanced software platform built with both Phoenix and Nerves.

In this talk, I will give an overview of the main components of the system including the Nerves based real time data capture system that pulls data from both our fleet of 3D printers as well as physical sensors all over the factory. Additionally, I'll cover our Phoenix based design feedback and order management portal. Finally, I will discuss how Elixir has uniquely enabled our platform as well as some of the challenges we've run into working with it as a small team trying to move quickly.


Clark Kampfe works at Fast Radius in Chicago, where he builds factory management and 3D model analysis software in Elixir and Rust. In his spare time he loves reading, teaching, and making generative art using his CNC pen plotter.